The Long-Game Mindset

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The Long-Game Mindset

Road of Challenges

Should you see your life (including your fitness and nutrition) as a series of wins/losses or continual adaptation?

Short answer: yes; longer answer (because there always is one…🤷🏻‍♂‍): Both are appropriate depending on your current context. 

There are times where the focus should be on the timeline at hand such as to drop x number of pounds for a wedding or to achieve a reasonable weight class for a lifting meet. And with consistency , we can keep making wins each week and you feel great in each moment. #killingit

But what happens when we reach our goal? I mean, you’ve met your goal so there is nothing else to do, right? This is what a fixed mindset looks like. You have things that are known and an objective that is to be completed within certain parameters and when that can’t happen, we get overwhelmed.

When we think about being on a long journey, these mile markers (5 pounds down, 10 etc.) serve a bigger purpose. It’s about how we pivot in the middle of a plan. A client is on track to make their goal and an illness happens. If we think about the end result the shift might look like this: “OK, this sucks and it’s going to be hard and it may take longer. But here are options to keep moving forward to meet the goal.” In either case, the result is the focus rather than the immediate crisis. It’s about where they are now and how these decisions or actions could affect outcomes down the road and adjusting as they go along.

To be able to master our nutrition in such a way that you can look and feel as good as you want without having to weigh and track the rest of our life is the ultimate goal. If we can shift our thoughts to “What’s next?”, we become more adaptable and can handle the sudden pivots in life much easier if we begin with the end in mind.

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