Your Body is Not Broken

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 Your Body is Not Broken

“I’ve tried every which way, and I still can’t lose fat! I’ve basically given up, my body is just broken…”

Your body isn’t broken.

Your tries have been less than effective because either 1) what you were doing wasn’t ideal or 2) your compliance wasn’t ideal.

We live in an age of ‘program hopping’. There’s always a next best new shiny thing for us to try, and when we try them, we usually do it at about 10-20%, while browsing for the next best thing. That lifting program you were on was likely pretty dang good, maybe you just didn’t give it long enough to really see and feel the results!

An imperfect game plan followed perfectly will almost always yield better results than a perfect game plan followed imperfectly.

You don’t need the absolute most back-breaking diet protocol to lose weight, you need to find something that has you in a caloric deficit, and works with YOUR life.

Caloric deficit needs to be in place, that’s it.

Timing, fasting, eliminating certain food groups or ingredients, blood type, zodiac sign, etc, none of these matter basically at all for weight loss. Refer to point above.

The best ‘diet’ you can commit to, and go all in (80%+ compliance and the other 20% not totally off the rails) on is one that lands you consistently in a caloric deficit, and is sustainable with the live and day to day routine you live.

The more boring it sounds, the more effective it likely is. The more outlandish sounding things that it requires, the more gimmicky it likely is. (PM me any time for an evidence based opinion on anything you’re considering putting your body and mind through).

Commit, start, keep showing up.

The newest shiniest thing is usually filled of false hope and false promise since the last thing that may be a little duller, would’ve worked, you just never put the work in to truly see how well it could work.

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