Perfection Doesn’t Exist, but Believing in Yourself Does

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Perfection Doesn’t Exist, but Believing in Yourself Does

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On a Zoom call earlier with one of my clients, she was in near-tears, which threw me into near-tears, as she let me know how GOOD she’s feeling and how the work she’s been doing has led to that feeling more and more and more.

We started up a month ago now and she has been following-through, week in and week out.

Not one week has been *perfect*, and I’ve encouraged her to NOT be perfect.

Perfect doesn’t exist in real life nor nutrition nor fitness not health.

Had she gauged being successful as being perfect, she’d not be feeling the way she does now.

Instead, we are focusing on staying intentional, doing the best we can in each next circumstance, and always staying mentally ‘in the game’, however great or not so great intake numbers may look.

Her staying ‘in it’ is FAR more important to me than what the numbers add up to.

Sure she’s down some lbs and inches, but it’s letting go of the self-doubt and that defeated mindset that are the most impressive losses so far, at least in my mind.

She was fighting back tears letting me know how proud of herself she is, how much she NEEDED this feeling, and how hopeful she is about all that’s to come now that she’s confident in herself once again and starting to fully trust herself in all sorts of situations that once gave her lots of grief.

These are the conversations that get me most excited within my coaching.

Not the scale changes, the self-belief and self-confidence changes. Because with those things in a good place, the scale changes are not just easier, but inevitable.

For me, helping people believe in themselves again after years or decades not feeling that, is everything.

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