Frequently Asked Questions

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching involves an individual working with a credentialed certified nutrition coach or registered dietitian to develop skills that pertain to their own personal nutrition and diet behaviors and choices. Traditionally, individuals that wanted to improve their diet would work with a registered dietitian in person and after an initial consultation, follow a diet plan for a finite amount of time, perhaps meeting again on a scheduled cadence. The nutrition industry has evolved, technology has made the world a smaller more connected place, and online nutrition coaching has become an amazing solution to pair individuals up with professionals without having to get into a car and drive into a meeting. This same technology has also allowed the support side of the relationship lightyears better; more frequent, more engaging, and more real.

Nutrition Coaching can and should be equal parts educational and transformative, and that is our mission at Falcon Nutrition. We want to help you make the changes you’re after while educating you every step of the way so that you get to a place of self-efficacy and feel very comfortable and confident handling your nutrition no matter how your goals change or where you find yourself.

Yes! We have a well trained and credentialed staff so whether you need a nutrition coach or a registered dietician, we’ve got someone that is qualified to get you the best results in the most effective proven way!

Yes! Please include that detail when filling out your questionnaire and your coach will create macro targets customized for you taking your dietary preferences and any special considerations into account. When it comes to counting macros, there are no foods that you HAVE to eat and there are no foods that you can NEVER eat!

Program Specifics

First step upon joining is an onboarding call with your coach. This is where your lifestyle audit takes place. Your coach gets to learn about your day to day life; your 9-5, your evenings, family and social life. With this glimpse into how most of your days and weeks look, and what they require of you, your coach comes up with a gameplan tailored to you and your lifestyle, and constructs a system of daily habits and a nutrition protocol that works with your lifestyle.

From there, you will learn to measure what’s coming in so we can manage what’s coming in. Your nutrition targets may include things like calorie ranges, macro nutrient targets, a flexibile approach with both of those to be used at different times, or something more like food group focus and getting a feel for what’s coming in without precise measurements. Going back to step 1, the lifestyle audit, our goal is to find a way of doing things day to day that both works with your lifestyle but also gets you results and builds lifelong skills and habits.

Depending on coaching membership level, checkins may be done via messaging within our app, or via video call. Your coach will reach out to you throughout the week in between checkins to support you and help you stay on track with both accountability and encouragement. You have open access to your coach so outside of them engaging you, they are your partner on your journey to utilize as needed. We encourage questions and interaction; the more dialog taking place, the more opportunity to learn and solidify these lifelong skills!

Your coach will change up your nutrition targets or habit specifics as often as needed to ensure you are making progress and feeling good every step of the way.

At the time of your onboarding video call, you and your coach will come up with a day and time for your standing weekly video call to connect and discuss the prior week, victories and struggles, adjustments and focus areas for the week to come, plus any other relevant discussion based on how things are going.

We feel we’re different due to our approach and our community. We’re not a stringent meal plan saying ‘Eat this, at this time’ or sending out “Do Not Eat!” food lists. Meal plans teach you nothing in the long run, as they’re akin to simply following orders; no actual habit change or skill development. Instead, we use structured framework to give you a daily dietary budget to work with each day and teach you how to budget. Since nothing is off-limits, you won’t feel restricted like you would with a meal plan, and because you’re able to work in your favorite foods, most people admit this never feels quite like a diet in the long run. Though we work remotely, we have a very active members group on Facebook so there are constant tips, advice, recipes, challenges, videos from coaches, as well as peer support. On top of all of that, our staff is comprised with the friendliest (and coolest 😎) certified Nutrition Coaches and Registered Dietitians in the world.
If you know a meal out, glass of wine, or dessert is something you want to have once in a while, no reason you can’t. Our approach is much like having a daily spending budget, if you have a couple fun things you want to work in, it simply means maybe forgoing one or two other things to make sure they ‘fit’.
Nope! We will build you a custom profile setup with your habit and nutrition targets and all of your information within our coaching app and send you an invitation to download and login, no app purchases needed on your end! This app serves as your data bank and also has a messenger feature for back and forth communication with your coach. Some membership levels involve texts and video calls outside of our coaching app as well.

Coach Specifics

Absolutely! All of our coaches are licensed and insured. Their certifications may be any of the following: NASM-CNC, NASM-FNS, Precision Nutrition-Pn1 or RD.
We understand this is a very personal journey and we have all been there in our own weight loss journeys. Since it is so personal, that type of relationship requires trust. We want to get to know you and you to get to know us in order to build that relationship.

In between weekly video check-in calls with your coach, you will receive text messages that keep you engaged and accountable ongoing throughout the week.

Absolutely! Our FB Members Group is FULL of people just like you who are working on themselves! It’s the ultimate online community for sharing tips, tricks, recipes, and motivation with each other. Our FB group also has monthly challenges led by staff Coaches to keep members engaged and working on things that matter. Once you are a member, you are in our FB community forever!