Water additives to help hit your intake goal

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Water additives to help hit your intake goal

water additives

It’s silly cold.

We’re moving less. We’re sweating less.

We’re craving water less.

Just the same, we *need* water.

It lubricates our joints, it helps maintain blood pressure, it helps hair, skin and nail quality, it keeps our bodies flushing and counters inflammation and retention, and it can help us eat less if we’re trying to lose weight.

I use water flavor more in the winter to help me crave water more, like I do during the hotter months.

If you find yourself taking in less water this time of year, grab a few water flavorings that look fun next time you grocery shop.

Myself and my clients definitely find it makes a difference and usually means taking in a good bit more water vs when we don’t use it.

  • Half your body weight in ounces of water is a good starting target, some need more, others less.
  • Ideally your pee is close to being clear, that’s a solid sign you’re adequately hydrated.
  • Don’t stress over artificial sweeteners. If they help you maintain a healthy weight by cutting out cravings for extra calories, the risk of any negative health outcomes as a result of artificial sugar intake is volumes lower than the risk of living overweight or obese and the associated diseases (link in comments).

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