Weight Loss Goals without Deadlines

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Weight Loss Goals without Deadlines

weight loss goal with calendar

If you set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight, by a certain date, and aren’t on your pace to hit that, you’ve got to do one of several things:

  • Adjust your goal weight
  • Adjust your timeline
  • Adjust your expectations
  • Adjust your effort level

What I see most often is folks set weight loss goals and timelines that are totally misaligned to what is realistic given how they want to live life, how much effort they want to put in, and how they want to feel along the way.

20lbs in 6 weeks is doable, but neither wise nor fun for most.

40lbs in 8 weeks is doable, but neither wise nor fun for most.

Rather than “this weight, by this date”, I love to see folks focus on the things they want to put into place as daily or weekly practices, and put most of their mental energy into THOSE, sort of letting the weight change happen organically without fixating on it.

What I also see is the more folks focus on the scale and what it ‘owes’ them, the more frustrated they become, and the quicker they cease their weight loss efforts.

They typically overestimate how hard they’re working and underestimate how long it may take.

When we commit to living differently, knowing the adjustments we make are leading us to getting healthier and healthier (dropping fat in the process), the timeline doesn’t matter near as much because each next milestone becomes a ‘when’, and not an ‘if’.

The lack of massive sense of urgency at that point makes things go so so so much better, with the pressure removed.

One more reason to hire a coach, not only will we help you set realistic goals, but we’ll help you figure out what is going to produce the results ‘now’, but also with the most staying power possible. All in a way that doesn’t make you miserable.

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