Find your go-all day pace

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Find your go-all day pace

One of the greatest concepts or lessons I learned while training for my ultramarathons, was the importance of finding one’s ‘go-all-day pace’.

Run too fast, we tire out, slow down or stop, and have to recover. Repeating that over and over for 30+ miles doesn’t go well.

Run too slow, everything feels off, it can feel forced, we can run too slowly for hours and feel like we’ve barely gone a mile. We get bored or discouraged, and quit.

When we spend time practicing and feeling different run paces, we can start to determine our go-all-day pace. For most, that’ll be somewhere low to mid Zone 2, breathing isn’t as it is at rest, but we could essentially carry a conversation and breathe mostly thru our nose. We’re working, but definitely not working super hard.

That go-all-day pace is quick enough (relative to our capabilities) to start to churn out some mileage, but easy enough to keep our heart rate in a range that means sustaining it for hours on end, or ‘all day’. 

Dieting, working out, production at work, etc etc etc.

One’s go-all-day pace is the pace best suited for steady tangible ongoing progress in almost all aspects of life.

At the same time, it’s a pace most of us have very, very little feel for, so we cannot recognize it when we’re executing there.

I’d say as with running, most of us start at basically a zero pace, and go WAY TOO FAST, redline, and have to ‘stop’, in most areas of life.

This is me encouraging you to aim to tap into your go-all-day pace, and spend MOST of your time there. For anything you are pursuing with intention in your life.

A final kick is always there for the taking if you left a little something in reserves for when ya really need it.

Just don’t fool yourself into thinking you need it right out of the gates.

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