Imagine the Possibilities that Lie Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Imagine the Possibilities that Lie Outside Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone -> where the magic happens

Doubt, limiting beliefs, and failure to embrace stepping outside one’s comfort zone has killed FAR more dreams than trying and ‘failing’ ever has.

We are very very good at taking the path of least resistance always, which results in staying in the same old place, no matter how unhappy in that place we are.

Much like the calendar goes, seasons change, and what served us at one point may no longer serve us.

We often start to feel a certain way, as if we need to shift our choices, our behaviors, and our actions, because we know the outcomes of those things are leading us or keeping us in a position that we have no desire to live life in.

A good coach, who is your partner and your leader, will help you along the way and act as your guide, along the journey to the new place you so desperately want to be.

A GREAT coach will do all of that, while making sure you stay focused on each next step, not the entire journey ahead. 

You will gather new skills, new practices, new behaviors, and you will feel for the first time in a long time a very very powerful force; momentum.

When momentum is up and running, you’re feeling better and better, and the clouds start to part and you realize “Hey….this IS doable…I CAN be that version of myself I’ve been longing to become”, you become unstoppable.

Your goals, your values, and your choices and behaviors, are all in alignment, and you know EXACTLY where you’re going.

Sure, you could get to where you’re going working solo, but the right system and framework, and the right guide leading you can make the journey infinitely easier, and more efficient.

Someday has a nasty way of becoming never, so this is your nudge to act on that feeling you have been backburnering for far too long.

You are capable of greater things than you’ll ever realize.

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