Low-Hanging Fruit

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Low-Hanging Fruit

low hanging fruit
  • What it is
  • How to work on it
  • How and why these ‘little’ things can lead to BIG changes

Most everyone that I speak with on consult calls, and most everyone that signs up to work with us, is amazed at how LITTLE they initially have to change, in order to start to see their weight dropping, and start feeling better physically and mentally.

I tell everyone outright that I can almost guarantee that they’ve got some easy fast fixes to score quick wins, and we often term this ‘low hanging fruit’.

For many, it’s night time snacking. For others, excessive drinking. Others, maybe getting their daily steps up from 2-3k per day to 5-6k per day then 8-9k+ per day.

Most all of us have one or two areas that could REALLY use addressing, that by simply working on those and changing no other areas (yet), the results would be very noticeable and very quick to take shape.

In my experience, the easiest places to run a self-audit on ourselves and find LOTS of calories coming in that we can work to reduce would look like this list:

  • Liquid calories
  • Snacks in between main meals
  • Night time snacking (that period after dinner but before bedtime)

This time of year especially, holidays and parties and weekend festitivies seemingly ongoing, one’s ‘low hanging fruit’ tends to be amplified somewhat as many coast thru Nov and Dec on their health or self-care goals, so what was this little nagging ‘thing’ can become a good bit more pronounced.

  • Are you drinking lots of regular soda?
  • Are you drinking beer, liquor, or wine, either lots over a couple day span, or lots over the course of the week, ongoing?
  • Are you picking and snacking constantly in between your main meals?
  • Are you wandering back into the kitchen at 9pm seeing what tasty treats are available before you lay stationary for 6-8 hours while that energy has total zero use and will likely end up being saved for later (aka stored as bodyfat)?

Start small. “Less” is the goal. “Less” of whatever is your thing, and keep that mantra for a few weeks in a row.

➥ Replacing half of your regular soda with diet soda in a given day, or week, will save you LOTS of calories by week’s end.

➥ 10 adult drinks a week beats 15, 5 beats 10, 2 beats 5.

➥ Swapping super high calorie processed snacks in favor of whole foods like a piece of fruit or a greek yogurt will likely save you heaps of calories. Pulling out snacks altogether for a day and plumping up your main meals may amaze you with how much fuller you feel, especially if you increase protein with each of those main meals.

➥ Swapping out those nightime treats with healthier versions of what you’d been taking in, again, will save you mucho calories in that dangerous window of the day. “Can I make a better choice?” is a simple yet powerful question we can ask ourselves when in the moment gazing into the freezer at that ice cream that’s been calling to us.

As you can see, none of these are anything that are going to add stress or detract from your life, we’re simply looking at taking things we’re currently doing and finding ways to improve them, steadily but surely.

Try it and come back later and comment and lemme know if you see and feel a difference!

Careful though, momentum is addicting and once you start feeling the results of these small simple changes, you may just find yourself looking more and more into your behaviors and choices and cleaning up shop in bigger and bigger ways.

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