Damage Control (Don’t do it)

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Damage Control (Don’t do it)

“Damage control.”

Don’t do it.

The day after overdoing it, it is very tempting to cut way way back on food, or go suuuuuuuuuper hard with exercise to try to offset what came in yesterday.

Doing damage control like this usually backfires and by cutting way back, we end up ravenous, and we set ourselves up to cave hard later on, and once again…overdo it.

Same goes with going way too hard with exercise, if we do one super hard workout that our body isn’t conditioned for and end up needing the next 5-6 days to recover (thus missing 2-3 easier routine workouts), that great idea suddenly wasn’t so great, right?

A much better game plan would be to hop right back into your routine today.

  • Drink some extra water.
  • Walk some extra steps.
  • If you aren’t as hungry as normal, maybe eat a tad lighter but not anything crazy off your norm.

Remind yourself that you are the product of the routine and lifestyle you follow 95% of the time, the 5% ‘other’ basically gets washed away in the averages over time.

Own all the normal days you can so you don’t have to stress about the super rare special days. 😊

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