Model the Behavior We Want Our Kids to Adopt

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Model the Behavior We Want Our Kids to Adopt

Computer screens

As a dad of two children, I’m noticing playgrounds are getting exceedingly harder to find (impossible?) when out and about. Most newly built restaurants get something like what’s in this photo instead.

This is not Play. Regardless of what sign they hang above the screens or what the screen says, this is entertainment/babysitting.

Play, involves movement. Exercise without being exercise, having fun that just so happens to mean being in motion.

We have got to do all we can to encourage our children to move their bodies while having fun, actually playing.

Building a love of exercise early is so so important so we carry it with us into later stages of life.

The way technology and our lifestyles are progressing, it sure seems like movement will soon be obsolete.

We are living longer thanks to medical advancements, technology, and medications, but we are spending those bonus years in a state totally devoid of any real quality of life because we’re so unhealthy. Largely in part to how little we moved during adulthood.

Parents, it’s up to us to model the behavior we hope our kids will adopt for themselves.

We were made to move, carry, and lift. Often.

With life growing exceedingly more comfortable and convenient and for the most part stationary, we have to find ways to buck some of that and choose to move, carry, and lift.


-This “playground” bears striking resemblance to an office for kids 🤔

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