Doesn’t Matter Where You Start…Just Start

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Doesn’t Matter Where You Start…Just Start

jeep parked on far parking spot

The magic happens when we tweak what we’re *already doing* for the better.

Short term efforts create short term results.

New normal behaviors create new normal results.

Ever hear the “park in the furthest spot, take the stairs instead of the elevator” advice and think to yourself ‘uh huh uh huh but where’s the part of the article that’ll actually produce results?’

Yep, me too.

But break things down a little.

Most of us sit the better part of the working day, right?

Say 5-6x a week, we go to a store or a mall or to pick up our kids from school or wherever. And say the spot up front vs the spot at the back represents a 100 step difference, moving each direction. So 200 extra steps you’ve built into your day, pretty painlessly. End of the week at 5-6x trips, call it 1,200 extra steps. At the end of a year you worked in an extra 62,400 steps, which for most ladies, is just about an entire marathon’s worth of steps. Pretty NEAT, eh? And you did it going to the same places you’re already going.

Is that a huge amount each day that’ll get you abs by next week? Probably not. But it’s a start in the right direction toward getting your body moving. And abs aren’t the goal for most of us anyhow. Better health and higher quality of life, THAT should be the goal.

Choices create habits and habits create momentum. Momentum is how you get results.

Little things like this DO add up and usually lead to little positive decisions made elsewhere in the day too. Start doing this then maybe you DO start taking the stairs at work too. Then you start joining the lunch break walking group crazies. Then you start joining that one coworker for trips to the gym a time or two a week. Then you become the Tupperware person at work that coworkers poke fun at, then a while later ask for advice from after seeing you changing big time.

Doesn’t matter where you start or how little it seems.

Just make sure you start.

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