Fuel Yourself to Thrive, Not Barely Survive

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Fuel Yourself to Thrive, Not Barely Survive

grocery bags

These obscenely thin grocery bags in every single store are about as effective as trying to lose weight on far too few calories.

Whoever gets paid to find ways to save sees numbers on spreadsheets.

“If we make the bags 1.5mm instead of 2mm thick, that’ll save us half a penny per bag. That savings times a million bags a day is huge”.

Then us, the consumer, have such little faith in these see thru bags, that we double or triple bag everything, totally negating their plan to save money/increase profit. The new thinner bags may save money but the slightly thicker ones would’ve saved them ultimately because we wouldn’t have used so many.

When we aim to slash calories as first step, this leads to overeating, and either not losing or actually gaining weight.

Most who try to eat 1200 calories will end up eating 2000+.

So much hunger, so little energy, such intense cravings, that living on 1200 calories til 9pm then eating a ton more after finally giving in will easily double that number.

Why not start with 1800 or 2000 calories, be able to move more, burn more and lose more, without being miserable?

Cheaper crappy bags are as useless as cheaper crappy intake levels.

When trying to lose, fuel yourself to thrive, not barely survive.

I’d love to coach you with this approach in mind.

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