Time for a Self-Audit

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Time for a Self-Audit

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See all that ‘stuff’ on your calendar?

All those meetings and calls and appointments *will* happen, because they have to. They’re automatic; your livelihood depends on you showing up for work and doing what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it.

Imagine if we looked at taking care of ourselves the exact same way.

If we fail to show up for ourselves in the form of proactively taking care of our physical and mental health, we won’t ‘get fired’, we’ll instead move further and further away from being in a healthy place.

We’ll go on meds, we’ll start doing less of the things we enjoy, we’ll start declining social invites because we’re depressed, we’ll be alive, but not really living.

We may eventually start doing the things to fight back to health, but at that point, it will be reactively. We have to do them…or else.

More and more these days, I see people taking their health (physical AND mental) for granted. They don’t calendar anything that involves working on themselves because…it’s not as important. They’ll get around to it when life eases up. Except life doesn’t ease up, they end up massively overweight, with a list of chronic disease to follow, massively depressed, and seemingly checked out of life.

They show up for their job, they show up for their family, but they’re very much going thru the motions. They’re not really….’them’, anymore.

Sounds extreme, IS extreme. State of the world we live in and the hustle culture we’ve glamorized and now aspire to be part of.

Best way to NOT have any of that apply to you?

Start with taking care of YOU, first.

Your ‘for you’ appointments deserve to be calendared and made real.

If your cat’s annual vet appointment is important enough to get a spot on the calendar, so do your daily health-related tasks that keep you healthy, happy, and able to make it to all the other appointments.

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