Feeling Frustrated

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Feeling Frustrated

“I’m feeling frustrated.”

What have you done to earn that right?

  • Are you frustrated you’re not losing weight faster? Take a self assessment of everything you KNOW you should be doing, and which of those things may not be as tight as they should be.
  • Are you frustrated you bombed your exam? Did you study as much as you could have? Did you arrive well-rested and focused?
  • Are you frustrated you’re not doing as well as your neighbors? Are their cars gone before yours each morning and come home after you each day?
  • Are you frustrated you’re not making the progress you thought you would be in the gym? Are you following your program religiously, prioritizing recovery and sleep, hydrating well, and nailing your nutrition? If not…why not?
  • Are you frustrated the person you’re in a relationship with isn’t as affectionate as they once were toward you? What have you been doing to make them feel loved and appreciated?

You get the idea. 🙃  

Next time you’re frustrated with something in your life, ask yourself, “Self, have you EARNED the right to be frustrated?”

It can be pretty telling, but only if you’re 100% honest with yourself.

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