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3 Reminders to Help You Start Your Week

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3 Reminders to Help You Start Your Week


1. You’re likely doing better than you think.

  • Did you know only 19% of adults in the US have a gym membership?
  • Did you know 64% of gym memberships go unused?
  • Show Up. Doing so makes you part of the 6% (ish) that both have a gym membership and use it to improve their lives.

2. Struggle is a sign you’re trying.

  • If it were easy, it wouldn’t be new.
  • If it wasn’t new, it wouldn’t take you some place different from where you are now.
  • Struggle is a good indicator you’re on the right path.
  • Keep showing up.

3. Most days don’t feel like our best day ever.

  • 80% of my workouts are totally ordinary and non-noteworthy.
  • 10% I feel like total garbage. Mixture of weak, unmotivated, and annoyed. I still show up.
  • 10% I feel like Superman and Hulk had a bebe, and I am said bebe.
  • MOST of my workouts I’m counting on “compounding interest” and two decades into training, it works well.
  • These same %’s hold true for my diet/eating days. MOST of the time, I do pretty good. 12 years into pretty good (rarely ever perfect), I’ve lost and kept off 100lbs. It’s because…I stay showing up.

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