Who are you?

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Who are you?

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How do you define yourself?

Are you a runner? A Crossfitter? An OrangeTheory athlete? A walker? Swimmer? Triathlete?

Does that make you who you are, or is that something you do?

The last several years have given me a lot of perspective, and I think it’s a really interesting thing to think about. I loved powerlifting years ago, trained hard and competed, and I was powerlifter if anyone asked. Then injuries happened.

Ok let’s scale back on the lifting…what else can I get into….SQUIRREL!….hey running looks fun, let’s run!!

Few 5k’s, then a 10k…..hey a 50k in the mountains looks fun! Knocked one of those out, got the bug, then knocked out a few more while still lifting heavy-ish along the way. “I’m a runner now!!”

Fast forward some…more injuries. Disc issues in my low back meant no squatting or deadlifting for a few months, so I was no longer a “real” powerlifter. But hey, I can still run!

BOOM! Massive chest plague outta nowhere (bronchitis) that lingered and lingered and lingered. Had to pull out of a race I’d spent months training for. Uh oh…I’m no longer a runner either apparently.

Am I a powerlifter? Am I a runner? Nope. Those are hobbies. Those are things I love, and those are my things, where I tie up alot of my “me time”.

But I’m a dad, a husband, a coach, a friend, I’m a lot of other things before any of those hobby titles.

I see it very often with my clients, when we become super passionate about a certain hobby or interest or sport, to the point where it’s how we start to define ourselves, and then something happens to take that away from us, it can make for a seriously rough headspace as you work through whatever’s plaguing you. Look at star athletes suffering career ending injuries, it’s usually not a great place to be, and alot of them don’t know where to go from there.

So here’s your friendly reminder to be very careful about letting your passions define you, and remember there are a lot of titles you can claim that will be with you always as you age and grow and learn. You’ve probably got a lot more going for you than this or that hobby. Guard that headspace and make sure you’re not becoming one-dimensional. You’ll have setbacks, you’ll have injuries, you’ll have training lulls. Pandemics and closures and cancellations can happen.

Fall back on embracing all the things that really SHOULD be defining you and do some thinking on who you truly are.

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