Keeping it Simple

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Keeping it Simple

Those that are financially fit can probably, within a very close ballpark, tell you things like:

  • How much they earn
  • How much they spend
  • How much they save

In my opinion, if there was a version of those things for health/longevity/fitness, that a fit and healthy person could list off without much difficulty, those would be things like:

  • How many steps they average per day
  • How many calories they consume in a day


  • How often they exercise

If I had to pic solely two, it’d be ballpark steps, and ballpark calories consumed per day for everyone we work with. I’d so love for them to become someone than can forever quantify those things pretty closely (and coincidentally, I feel that most of our most successful folks, long after our time working together has wrapped, can and do keep close tabs on both of those things).

Exercise is amazing, and it’d be in one’s best interest to try to work it into their routine, but not for fat loss/weight management.

Exercise can and probably should be a regular part of one’s routine for reasons such as cardio health, body composition goals, bone density, muscle gain/preservation for BMR purposes, mental health, and most of all *because they enjoy it,* not because it is something they feel like they have to do it to manage their weight.

Daily steps and daily calories-in though, it can really be that simple for most.

Which is likely the very reason that more don’t have a pretty close idea of each…couldn’t really be that simple, right?

Except….it really is 🙂

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