“Shiny Things”

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“Shiny Things”

Yesterday, I had a consultation call with a prospective member.

Before getting into what we want to do forward of “now”, it’s extremely helpful to hear what they’ve done leading up to now, so as often as someone is willing to hop on the phone and chat, I’m all for it.

In her case, the last two years have consisted of the following:

-Extremely intense fasting schedules (periods of 2-3 days, regularly, with no eating, followed by one huge day of eating,then changing the cadence other way around, then even longer periods, then shorter periods)

Then with another ‘professional’

-Continuous glucose monitoring so she could stay on top of when to eat/what to eat based on how her body was responding, 24/7

Where it left her:

-Confused AF about what the heck to do, and with LOTS of hangups as far as what to eat, when to eat, why to eat it.

She’d paid two different professionals for HELP, and was only left more confused, and at a higher weight than she was before either of them entered her life.

While she ‘lost weight’ using either of those methods, the reason she lost weight was a caloric deficit was in place.  And she let me know while those on the outside may have thought she looked great visibly, with lessened bodyfat, more definition, etc, she went thru a whole host of normal issues, each one sounding more miserable than the last. Her body’s health was tanking while outside, most probably wouldn’t have been able to tell.

Mentally, she’s now at a crossroads that likely looks more like a big ol’ question mark hanging above her over where to go next.

She asked me, “Ok, well you’ve heard all of that craziness….can you help someone like me?”

I replied, “I’ve got zero doubt we can help you, but truthfully I think you’re going to find our approach to be so simple you may even call it boring and convice yourself that against some of your past measures, this is too plain and low-key to possibly work. But get past that mental baggage where you convice yourself you need extremes, let things happen organically, and you’ll amaze yourself with how easy it feels.” (Roughly translated)

She is a busy stay at home mom raising a young family, constantly go go go all day doing everything for everyone.

She did NOT need to be fasting with some outlandish timing protocol.

She did NOT have any health history or condition showing a medical need for a continual glucose monitor.

The shiny thing or the advanced thing is *not* the thing we often need, but we’ve been conditioned to believe we have to do things like that because the simple foundational stuff is just too simple to work.

If your dog is overweight, your vet doesn’t tell you:

-“Ok here’s what we’re going to do. Every 3 days, skip the next 2 days of feeding your dog. Then on the day after, feed him like 5 days worth of food. We will TRICK your dog’s body into losing weight! Won’t even see it coming!!!”


-“Have your dog wear this gadget, let’s REALLY get granular here and only ever feed your dog this thing but not this other thing, and you’re really going to have to constantly watch this gadget no matter how much work or effort or mental energy it takes. Your friends and family or the things you want to do don’t exist now, there is only this gadget, this is your life now”.

None of that.

Your vet would likely advise you something like:

-“Very common! We love our pets, our pets love food, so we feed them, maybe a bit too much, out of love and sneaky pet weight gain happens. Nothing we can’t easily come back from! Let’s start by feeding your dog 20% less than your current scoop size, and how about a 10-20 minute walk thrown in with him often as you can to get him moving a bit more?”

Now, we as humans are not dogs. We don’t eat the same old thing out of the same old bowl.

We have emotions and preferences and social lives, so food is a little more complicated than ‘eat less move more’ and anyone who tells you different is lying.

That said, we only have to make it complicated as needed, right?


-If the person you are trusting to have you best interests at heart doesn’t START with a very very doable (long term) method, make sure you dig deeper and ask about the foundational stuff. If you don’t know what the foundational stuff is, message me anytime. No strings attached but I will happily save you from wasting your time/money doing something you don’t need to be doing.

-Your ‘diet’ should work for you now, and for forever.

-If you have to go into total hermit mode for the next 3, 6, 12 months, avoid life, avoid your friends and family, avoid social invites, avoid trips, etc, for the ‘good of your diet’, then you’ve chosen the wrong diet. Not your fault, what you don’t know, you don’t know.

-I know an awesome team of nutrition professionals that can save you a whole lot of mental energy wasted. They are REALLY good at meeting you where you are and finding the perfect happy medium of what science and math say is 100% ideal, and what your life as a human make possible.

-They get really great results and you will likely feel better than you ever thought possible, while losing weight.

-Sorry for the length, thanks for reading all of this. PLEASE don’t willingly make yourself miserable for the chance of faster loss. 10% faster but able to only do it for 2 weeks then a massive period of mental anguish gets you nowhere, and likely will actually move you backward in the long game.

-‘Slow down to run longer’

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