Intensity vs. Consistency

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Intensity vs. Consistency

“If you woke up tomorrow with $1mil in your bank account, would you know what to do with it to change the rest of your days?”

Said another way:

“If you woke up tomorrow with the body of your dreams, would you know how to keep it?”


Our ‘now’ is nothing more than the product of our daily actions.

Why do many lottery winners find themselves back in debt, however long down the line after winning?

Their budgeting skills.

Why do some who lose large amounts of weight via extreme measures or some who get weight loss surgery find themselves regaining their weight, however long down the line after surgery?

Their food budgeting skills.


Our bodies are the physical product of long term cause and effect, playing out.

My choices and actions (or lack of either) are the ’cause’, how I look and how I feel, are the ‘effect’.

If we want to change how we look and how we feel, we have to change the causes, if we aren’t currently where we want to be.

As our weight goes, at the extreme fundamental level, if we’re gaining weight, it’s because we’re eating too many calories.

Too many calories relative to how much I move = the cause.

Weight gain = the effect.

They can be ‘clean’ calories, they can be organic calories, the calories can come from protein carbs or fat, none of that matters, it’s the actual calories, not food quality or type or macro breakdown within the ‘too many calories’, that dictates our weight and which direction our scale is moving.

While it’s a simple concept, it’s not an easy concept to ‘master’ in the real world.

It involves a good deal of education, which most of us did NOT receive when we were learning most of our other life skills back in school. And we live in a world where high calorie, TASTY foods are accessibly most everywhere.


Look at the stats. Most of us are overweight. And with each next year, the stats are only getting more and more pronounced, pointing to more and more in the overweight and obese categories.


Action item ideas to avoid becoming part of these stats:

  • Learn to measure what’s coming in so you can manage what’s coming in.
  • Make daily movement (walking is king) part of your daily routine. Install it as one of your rituals.
  • Find an activity or hobby you enjoy that involves moving your body. Bonus points if it involves time with your friends.
  • Learn to define a given day’s controllables vs non-controllables. Put your time and energy into the former while learning to let go of the latter more and more.
  • Invest in a professional (and in yourself) that’ll educate you, support you, guide you, and hold you accountable.
  • Create a system of daily habits that’ll ensure you are managing both calories in AND calories out in a way you can sustain for a long long time.
  • Be willing to accept that hard work, commitment, and stepping outside the ol comfort zone may be necessary.
  • Stay showing up for yourself.

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