On my worst days…

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On my worst days…



After a discussion the other coaches and I were having, I came across this in an email: 

“When choosing a new habit many people seem to ask themselves, “What can I do on my best days?”

The trick is to ask, “What can I stick to even on my worst days?”

Start small. Master the art of showing up. Scale up when you have the time, energy, and interest.”

-James Clear

Sometimes we think that if we spend a certain amount of money on it, we will be more adherent to whatever it is. We set out with these really high, sometimes unrealistic, expectations of ourselves because we have put a monetary value on the outcomes. And it might work…for the short term.

The reality is, that no matter how much accountability we ask for from others, we have to ultimately be the one to live with the decisions we make.

When making changes that impact our long term game of living a healthier, longer life, sometimes smaller is better. The smallest, less significant changes make the biggest impacts because they are the easiest to maintain.

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