Choose to Control Your Environment

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Choose to Control Your Environment


I was SO pumped to get my home office TV hooked back up over the weekend.

All it took was a new Firestick, but it was something I’d put off for a couple months now, wrapped up in all of life’s busy-ness.

Working solo from home can get pretty quiet and lonely, and YouTube TV and being able to watch Live TV has a strange way of making one feel more connected to the world.

First thing this AM when I sat down to start working, I flipped on the TV, and put it on Sportscenter so I could catch up on all the games I missed yesterday.

5, then 10, then 20 minutes passed, and I kept glancing up at the TV, and watching it for 2-3 minutes at a time.

In that 20 minutes, I got total zero work done.

I started and stopped the same check-in reply multiple times but just couldn’t concentrate.

So what did I do?

I recognized my *environment* is everything, and I flipped the TV back off. I started my ‘Piano Chill’ playlist on Apple Music, and I’ve been working efficiently since.

This doesn’t mean I can never have the TV on in the background whilst working, but for right now, what I’m trying to accomplish, the environment simply doesn’t support it.

‘Noise’, or lack of ‘noise’, is EVERYTHING.

The single biggest factor in almost anything we do, when looking at odd’s of success, is almost always our environment.

Trying to quit smoking? Hang out with smokers constantly, it’ll be near impossible.

Trying to quit drinking? Hang out with friends that are always drinking when you’re with them, it’ll be near impossible.

Trying to do better with your diet? Hang out with people that overeat and choose things you’re trying to eat less of, it’ll be near impossible.

We don’t get to control everything, but we do usually have some say in our environment.

If we choose to control our environment, we can make life MUCH easier on ourselves.

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