SMART Goals For Weight Loss

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SMART Goals For Weight Loss

Smart goals reimagined

In the business world, we hear about SMART goals all the time. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound.  It’s the last one that really gets me.  For weight loss or management, why put a time on it and attach it to the other letters?  You do plan on living the rest of your life after you’ve met your goal, correct? You still have to eat and exist, right? Is putting a time to reach your goal really necessary on this one? I get that there are reasons that people come up with for a timeline.  High school wrestler trying to make weight.  Hitting a certain number by a wedding day or vacation. Weigh X amount by a significant birthday (I’d argue they’re all significant) or holiday.  

I get it. But when you try to hit a number (specific, measurable) by a certain date, it really adds an unnecessary amount of stress. Sure, you can work with a coach and probably hit that number (achievable). But you’ll likely be miserable and not learn how to keep yourself there if you’re singularly focused on a scale number (relevance). Isn’t it better to actually LEARN how to keep yourself at your goal when you get there? I say this a lot, if you woke up with the body of your dreams tomorrow, would you know how to keep it? The goal here is to be able to get where you want to go and then know how to keep yourself there. For the rest of your life!  If you take your time and actually learn how to do this, the things you can learn through this process will stay with you.

I’m going to change the SMART goals for what we do here at Falcon. I think we should repurpose them to  look like this:

Start. Doing more than you did yesterday, or just starting to think differently is a terrific way to kick this whole thing off.

Move. Move more. It’s a lot easier to lower the number on the scale with more food. You can do that if you move more.  Not saying you have to go to the gym or anything like that.  Just be conscious of getting in more movement.

Ask. Don’t know something? Ask your coach. Ask why we preach the things we do. Ask how to navigate an outing or banquet. We all do this because we love this and can talk about it all day. Use us!

Remember. Remember where you were when you started. You might be a bit upset on any given day, but I bet six-months-ago you would be thrilled to be where you are now! Also Remember to eat like an adult most of the time. Grilled chicken and veggies aren’t where we get in trouble.

Time. Give time time. Remember why you’re here. You wanted to make a change. You’re doing that.  You didn’t gain weight overnight. It won’t come off that way, either. I’ll cheat and have an alternate here.  Treat yourself with kindness.  Change is hard. You’re working on yourself. Let the person looking at you when you brush your teeth be happy with you.  

Sustainable. Yep, I added one.  Let’s end the yo-yo dieting.  Learn how to do this so you can manage the rest of your life without needing to “diet” ever again!  

Use your SMARTS and you can get where you want to go.  And STAY there!

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