Gaining weight and looking for the culprit?

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Gaining weight and looking for the culprit?

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It’s not sugar. 

It’s not carbs. 

It’s not fat. 

It’s not any specific macronutrient or group or type of food. 

No (total zero) foods are “bad” and inherently cause weight gain. 

It’s your energy balance. 

The total calories you consume daily (too many) relative to the amount you’re moving daily (too little). 


Obesity stats are exploding in the wrong direction, quickly and increasingly quickly, due to:

  • Eating too much (ongoing calorie surplus)
  • Moving too little (exercise and NEAT [walking/play])


What we do at my company is methodically teach you these concepts:

  • Their role in our health and fitness and body composition
  • Create a customized game plan for YOU designed to improve each area
  • We then guide you through adjustments as your body responds more and more
  • We support you, guide you, educate you, and hold you accountable


With a coach, without a coach, doesn’t matter. 

Somehow, some way, learn this stuff once, so you can be around longer and healthier for everyone that loves you, and that you love. 

We’re living longer and longer thanks to modern medicine but those later years quality of life is LOW because of the body of health our decades of adulthood created. 

Staying alive and LIVING are not the same thing.

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