Less choices, less calorie consumption?

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Less choices, less calorie consumption?

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Fun fact: Varying your food choices less will usually mean consuming less calories and losing more weight.

Did you know in numerous studies, when folks are presented multiple snack options, they end up consuming more calories (regardless of their choice) than when offered just one snack option?

What I see within my coaching:

When folks rarely repeat meals or snacks, they take in far more calories than the folks that have a set rotation of 20 or so foods that they rotate through habitually.

Needing something totally new and exciting each time we eat is a great way to ensure we eat far more than we realize, so if losing weight is the goal, getting out of this mindset will help massively.

My recommendation:

  • Pick 3-4 protein sources, 3-4 fat sources, and 3-4 carb sources for your menu for the next 7 days ahead. If you’d like recommendations for these, shoot me a message and I’ll send you an awesome resource to help you pick your faves.
  • Pick just 1 item for a snack (if you need a snack) between meals, for the entire week. Bonus points if this snack is protein-dense (Greek yogurt, light string cheese).
  • Spend each day for the coming week only consuming combos of the above.
  • Odds are, without tracking a single thing, you’ll find you’ve lost weight.


  • Add 1k steps to your daily average from last week.
  • Make 7 hours of nightly sleep a non-negotiable, which for most means an earlier bedtime.
  • Drink a glass of water top of each hour from wake up til 6pm drinking to thirst outside of that.

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