We WANT you to hit some speed bumps

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We WANT you to hit some speed bumps

speed bump ahead

“The impediment to action advances the action. The obstacle becomes the way.”


“When we start this thing out we immediately feel like mastery should be the goal. Quickly too, right? 2-3 weeks tops and we should have this down and just be into autopilot mode.

Yep. Nope.

While mastery is a worthy goal, or maybe more-so proficiency or self-efficacy, it is not the first and foremost goal us coaches have for our folks when we first start up.

In a weird sort of way, we WANT you to hit some speed bumps.

We want you to bump up against things that give you an honest run for your money.

We want you to go out into the world, out to dinners, off to birthday parties on the weekend, taking those last minute getaways, all the fun parts of life that are part of most of our lives during normal times.

The more one avoids all of those things while working with a coach, the less proficient they will be at navigating them after their time with a coach.

I would much rather us spend time working together through the busiest most scattered of times, vs the emptiest 3 or 6 months of someone’s calendar.

We all are great at laying out a game plan, swearing this will be the quietest week yet, only for the universe to giggle and throw us a non-stop chaotic lineup of ‘things’ all week long. EMBRACE THOSE!!!

Anything that we look at as an obstacle, we can choose to instead reframe and instead view those same things as opportunities.

Opportunities to learn and grow and become that much closer to proficiency, with the knowledge we gain through experience.

Focus less on getting an A+ and more on doing your best work at being resilient, rolling with the punches, and gathering each next lesson as another tool in your tool belt.

THAT is the goal and how your default mode will ultimately improve.

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