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Small Steady Changes > Zero Changes

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Small Steady Changes > Zero Changes

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How you feel today pales in comparison to how you’ll feel tomorrow.

How you’ll feel tomorrow pales in comparison to how you’ll feel next week.

How you’ll feel next week pales in comparison to how you’ll feel next month.

How you’ll feel next month pales in comparison to how you’ll feel next year.

If you desire to make long term, lasting changes, set your goals with exactly that in mind.

Lasting changes and immediate changes are typically not the same thing.

In my opinion, and experience, most of the time when we’re goal-setting, and we fail to reach those goals, it comes mostly down to one of these two things:

-The routine we tried to establish was too far a departure from how we’d been doings things

-We were so concerned with the here and now and doing ALL THE THINGS that we failed to plan for “tomorrow” and the possibility of burnout and mental fatigue

If you’re forever counting down to your next ‘cheat day’, or you live so sore that your next rest day from working out can’t come soon enough, odds are you’re not going to stick with what you’re doing.

If your goal is to workout 5 days per week, that’s fantastic…perhaps consider making that your goal starting in February, and now til then ramp up from 0 days to 2 days then to 3 then to 4, so in 4 weeks you’re “there”.

If your goal is to get a better handle on your nutrition/intake, consider learning to track first and foremost, even if not eating toward certain targets that’d have you losing weight, instead simply recording what’s coming in (lots of free apps for that!). You can work toward structure intake targets once tracking in general doesn’t feel so foreign.

If your goal is to walk 10k steps per day, again, you’ll get there eventually but it’ll really ‘stick’ if you arrive there in ramp-up fashion. Consider adding 1k steps to your daily average week over week til you’re there.

Small steady changes > zero changes.

Start small. Small grows.

Get momentum started by keeping things *doable*, then let momentum take you to amazing places over time.

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