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As your priorities shift and change you may experience the phenomena known as JOMO – the joy of
missing out. It’s not being left out, or not related to it’s cousin FOMO (the fear of missing out) but it is
opting out on things that either don’t serve you and respecting your own time and pursuits over social
events or activities that merely pass the time. JOMO means it’s okay not to know and do some things,
even though everyone else is doing them or talking about them. It’s taking time away from the noise and
opinions to do things for your own pursuits. Consider it nutrition for your brain 🙂

Here are a few ways to cultivate your own JOMO

  • Enjoy your own company. Introverts are naturally good at this but as a runner I feel it in my soul. Sometimes it’s not a physical space, but rather not engaging in comparison to others.
  • Switching off – have you ever felt utter peace when up in an airplane without WIFI? No social media, calls, tweets…… ah. More of that!!
  • Live in the moment – when you are so worried about being included or what everyone else is doing, you forget to PAUSE and find joy right where you are at.

The takeaway…. constant connectivity can literally weigh you down. Taking breaks from the hustle and
bustle for alone time is just as important to your overall health and well being as your efforts in the kitchen
and the gym.

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