“I’m addicted to sugar.”

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“I’m addicted to sugar.”

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“I’m addicted to sugar. I swear no matter what I do, I just can’t stop eating it. I’ll never be able to lose this weight because I just cannot give up sugar, it’s a true addiction!”


  • You are not addicted to sugar.
  • You enjoy super tasty (by design) food that makes you want more of it and makes it difficult to stop once you start eating it (by design).
  • Think of the top 3 foods that come to mind when you bring up being addicted to sugar.
  • I’ll bet none of them are single macro (in this case, carbohydrate).
  • Ice cream, cookies, brownies…things like this are common culprits when people cite a “sugar addiction”.
  • Fun fact: all of these are combinations of fat and carbohydrates, a SUPER tasty combo that makes us (by design) want more of it.
  • Bananas, apples, berries…all contain sugar. Natural sugar vs added sugar, but sugar nonetheless. Are you addicted to bananas? No, you’re not Donkey Kong.
  • If you have a problem moderating something…stop bringing it home. No, your kids don’t “need it” so stop with that lie we love to tell ourselves.
  • If you know having ice cream in your freezer will mean having to constant fight a battle of willpower each evening, why buy it?
  • If you want to really limit sugar consumption, look at “Added Sugar” and try to keep that intake as low as possible.
  • Utilizing the above tip will likely totally change what your shopping choices look like, and mean consuming far fewer calories as byproduct of these new and improved choices.


  • It’s not a sugar addiction.
  • If you don’t buy the stuff, you won’t get into trouble with the stuff.
  • If you want to reduce calories and eat in a way that leads to improved health, look at reducing “Added Sugar” intake.

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