Accidental maintenance

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Accidental maintenance

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“Accidental maintenance” is such a frustrating thing.

It’s also far and away the most common thing I see folks doing that holds them back from losing the weight they want to lose.

Work hard all week long, keep your intake numbers on point, then blow it every weekend.

5 days in a deficit, 2 days in a surplus, oila!…accidental maintenance.

Doing the work required MOST of the time but getting nowhere because the math of those other couple days adds up super fast and offsets all the days on point.

Only when we treat weekends with just as much intention and mindfulness as weekdays do we really truly see the progress we’re capable of.

Own it this weekend and Monday you’ll be right where you’re supposed to be without having to spend next week getting back to where you were before the weekend hit.


  • If you are constantly caving for things every weekend that you restrict all week long, consider working them in in small doses rather than withholding altogether.
  • More restriction = less longevity.
  • If you are chronically REALLY hungry and never able to stay “on”, allow yourself more calories. You may lose slower but slow progress is better than permanent overall stagnation.
  • Take maintenance breaks by design as needed during longer cuts.

Dieting smarter > dieting harder.

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