Self-Care Momentum

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 Self-Care Momentum

“Hi, a friend told me about your nutrition coaching and I wanted to reach out. I’m currently about 40lbs over my ideal weight. I’ve got a beach trip coming up next month, can you help me lose at least 20lbs by then?”

No. No, I cannot help them lose 20lbs in the next month.

I could, but it’d be recklessly aggressive, they’d be miserable, they’d hate me, they’d hate their friends and family, and they’d likely eat and drink ALL THE THINGS when the vacay finally rolls around. Then come home and that vacay mindset would just keep going til who knows when.

What I can do and what I tell people who ask similar questions is we can get right to work on solid nutrition habits with process goals in place that will lead to sure steady fat loss, and we can start to make good progress in the month leading up.

It may play out as 5 or 10 or 12 lbs, maybe even 15 if they’re a much heavier person, but the total pounds lost isn’t what’s going to make them feel great leaving for vacation.

For most people, the decision pattern they find themselves in, the momentum of their self-care, THOSE things will play muuuuuuuch more-so into how they carry themselves in a swimsuit out on the beach vs how many pounds they lost in the month leading up. (read that again)

Self-care feels good, putting in honest work, growing our discipline, demonstrating to ourselves ongoing that we DO have willpower and ARE capable of practicing delayed gratification via a few sacrifices along the way, 99% of people alive will literally look at their bodies differently when in a positive decision pattern that they can see and feel changing their bodies (and their mindsets.)

Think more on your decision pattern and your momentum than your scale number.

Work on process goals first and foremost, knowing the outcome goals play out as byproduct of those.

If you need help, please reach out! Myself and my team are very good at what we do, we’ve got awesome systems in place to ensure your success, and if for some reason we don’t think it’s a great fit with our company, we surely have colleagues we could refer you to so you can stop guessing and start progressing.

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