Eat to be FULL

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Eat to be FULL

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Diet Tip: When you eat, eat to be FULL.

While it’s appealing to save our calories/macros up for “later”, that often backfires.

When we are eating our meals, we’re often most intentional with our choices. AKA more thought put into each item, higher protein, etc.

Take advantage of that!

If after your meals you’re slightly less hungry, but still not actually satisfied, odds of snacking on all the wrong things goes way way up.

My go-to lunch is deli meat, cheese, and a high fiber wrap. Delicious, high fiber, protein and fat coming in to make it more filling. I love these wraps and 1 for lunch is my norm.

Some days I’ll have 2, knowing adding 200ish more calories to my lunch is the strategic move so I’m not hangry an hour later and mindlessly snacking on much higher calorie foods we have in the cabinets “for the kids”.

It’s the “in between” calories that we get from snacks that often sabotages all the other work we’re putting in and brings us out of the needed deficit when trying to lose weight.

By negating need to snack in between, adherence goes WAY up, and we’re more successful as direct result.

When you eat, eat to be *full*.

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