Sustainable, Not Miserable 

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Sustainable, Not Miserable 

“I’ve seen your posts and I know you and your team can help me, but I just want to wait for life to slow down. I don’t want to miss out on life and be on just another dreadful ‘diet’.”


Myself and every staff coach are humans first and foremost, all other hats worn behind that. We are moms, dads, wives, husbands, friends….we live in the real world and like to have fun, too.

If your ‘diet’ makes it so you can never go out to eat, never see your friends, never accept last-minute invites to go do things that bring you joy, then your diet sucks and it’s not the right one for you if those are things that you value.

Every coach here vocalizes the NEED to continue living real life, on your terms, while on program. The more you hide from while working with a coach, the less you learn, and the more you have to navigate for the first time post-coaching-life afterward. It does you no favors to avoid living life how you desire to while working with a nutrition coach.

Envision a piece of paper with two distinct columns. Science and math say “This is the best way to do things” at the top of the left column. On the right column, the title reads “Remaining a happy content balanced human.” Our job as coaches is to blur the line between those two columns for each person we work with, respective to their life, their activities, and their values.

Summer, pool parties, BBQ’s, dinners out, etc, these are all real things that happen constantly throughout the year, they may change names as seasons change, but life is full of ‘fun’ and ‘busy’.

There is no “perfect time”, for anything. If you’re THINKING of it, now is the perfect time.

Stop waiting, start doing. Time is fleeting, lying to yourself you’ll start when it’s the perfect time is the best way to never start, because no time is ever perfect if we’re defining that as a nice open calendar.

We can help you no matter how crazy your life is, promise you we’ve worked with people that have the most chaotic schedules, travel, and social lives possible and they found success, and are using what we taught them solo now.

Have a great day and call that friend or family member you’ve been meaning to say hello to  .

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