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THE convo to have with your significant other that will make life 1,000,000x easier.

Doesn’t have to be this, but something similar is likely going to help you massively.

So many people embark on a journey and aren’t met with support at home. They get frustrated, they build resentment, they give up, plus, they then stay mad at their partner. Little did they realize, their partner never actually realized what it meant to them and WHY they were working toward change.

Best way to get ahead of that?

Communicate why you’re doing what you’re doing and really strongly emphasize how you want to FEEL as a result of the work you’re doing:

“Babe, this is uncomfortable for me, but I know having this talk will make both our lives so much easier.

I have been struggling as you’ve probably noticed.

I haven’t been taking care of myself, I’ve been eating whatever I want whenever I want, and I haven’t been keeping up with exercise at all.

The worse I eat, the more I check out from wanting to do anything physical.

I get down on myself, I start wearing more and more layers, and all I want to do is relax at home and eat my feelings.

I see myself in the mirror differently when I’m in this funk and I am SO over it.

I’m going to commit to making changes and I could really use your support.

I know when you bring food or goodies home, or when we go out to eat, a huge part of that is the love and joy that food can bring.

That said, this is me asking you to support me on this journey.

You don’t have to do it alongside me, but my ask is that you help me stay on track by not constantly offering me goodies that lead me down a slippery slope. We can still go out to eat, but my choices will look a little different, and we probably can’t do it four or five times a week like we have been.

I want to feel like I used to feel, I want to be more self-confident, and more joyous as a result. I know that following through on this commitment I’m making will give me a huge boost of self-confidence and pride no matter how much or little I lose, just me getting back to showing up for myself will make a huge difference.

Your support would mean the world.”

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