Eating Out or A Fun Meal Late While Dieting

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Eating Out or A Fun Meal Late While Dieting

This is the area that I think trips most people up at some point. For some, it’s a struggle every single time. 

What many think they should do:

  • Eat as little as possible.
  • Save up all the calories/macros possible for that big meal later.
  • Drink a protein shake and slam water all day long leading up.

What usually happens:

  • They get super hungry.
  • They feel miserable, even those with crazy good discipline and those comfortable-ish with hunger. 
  • They arrive to the big meal late SUPER HUNGRY and are so ready to eat ALL the things that they totally blow it and eat what they planned + apps + dessert + whatever else because the hunger was so real, they think “I already blew it, may as well enjoy myself”.
  • They wake up the next AM feeling like they failed and feeling they’ll never be successful in losing weight because this circumstance always gives them grief, and it’s not ever going away. 

What approach would work much much better:

  • Starting the day with something like an egg white and veggie omelet. Good protein to fill up plus nice volume from all the veggies. 
  • A few hours later something like chicken breast or shrimp or tuna, maybe lean deli meat, over a huge green salad. Again, heaps of protein, plus big food volume to keep the hunger at bay, all while controlling calories and saving a good bit for later. 
  • A couple hours later, a combo of fat and protein. Protein being most satiating macro and fat being slowest digesting, this is a killer combo to stop hunger in its tracks. Doesn’t have to be glamorous, lean deli meat with a slice of cheese wrapped around it is awesome.
  • Now it’s time for dinner out or that fun meal, you’re feeling maybe a little hunger but it’s very manageable, and you’re in a good headspace to stick to your plan and you’ve got lots of numbers banked up to “spend” at this meal you’ve waited all day for. 


  • Eating next to nothing all day hardly ever works, you’re simply miserable all day and more likely to cave later on. Total poop day overall likely as a result, don’t do this. 
  • Be methodical, prioritize higher volume lower calorie foods paired with lean protein, a bit of fat later to hold you over, then arrive feeling much better and able to enjoy yourself and stay on track.

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