There’s Never a Perfect Time to Start

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There’s Never a Perfect Time to Start

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I found myself waiting.

Waiting for the perfect time.

When he would sleep better.

When I would feel more like myself.

Waiting for life to get a little easier.

And when I opened up to someone about it, they told me the hard truth I needed to hear…

“It’s always going to be hard.”

Life will ALWAYS throw curve balls and kids will .. be kids… they’re not going anywhere. Sickness will happen. Unexpected life events will happen.

So I started. And in turn learned how to roll with the punches and navigate what life throws.

And since I started, I found that I was able to think clearer, able to process and not react immediately during these punches and curveballs.

So, I keep working towards my goals and the better me because I KNOW I want it.

Just start.

You were not made to be mediocre 👊

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