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Eric Bryant

Nutrition Coach (Doctor of Chiropractic NASM-CNC)

I have been on some sort of “diet” for over 25 years. Despite all the dieting and an extensive education in nutrition and the body in general, I didn’t get this all figured out until my late 40s. I am a chiropractor with a busy practice of over 20 years and have always had a passion for nutrition. I’ve always offered nutritional advice but couldn’t quite put it all together (even for myself) until 2.5 years ago after going through this program as a client. I was blown away by it and my passion for nutrition turned into an extreme passion as I truly find joy in helping people completely reshape their bodies and lives. It really is life changing.

I love coaching people to get in the best shape of their lives and teaching them how to sustain it rather than watching someone go through yet another fad diet that works for only a short while. I feel that my strength is understanding how real people think and function and knowing that people cannot be expected to be and eat perfectly. The difference with this program is science and sustainability. If you are willing to learn, I can’t wait to teach you!

Patty Blancaflor

Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition, Pn1 / NASM-FNS)

I am an early 50s army wife and mom of 4, ranging from age 24-8. I am a native San Diegan living in the San Antonio, TX area. I have literally done every diet on the planet. Finding a way to not only lose 50lbs, but maintain my loss for the last few years has been life changing! I began my journey while working nights and pursuing my bachelor's degree - no small feat, but it CAN be done.

Deciding I was worth the effort enabled me to unlock so many facets of my life! What started with food has turned into so much more! I did not begin regular exercise until my 40s, but even then it was with the goal of losing weight - not because I liked it. As I uncovered the new me physically and mentally, I found things I truly loved! I adore my Peloton, lifting, OTF and running and I feel great doing them. I found myself wanting more - so I have pursued and completed a marathon, ultra and 26 mile heavy ruck at Bataan and many Tour de Peloton events. I actively seek opportunities to challenge myself& I have gone from recreational exerciser to endurance athlete. I am passionate about helping others tap into their own potential to be the best versions of themselves. It may start with food, but the end result, once you realize you CAN do anything you set your mind to, will blow you away!

Emma Falcon

Nutrition Coach (NASM-CNC)

About 8 years ago, When my daughter was two, I found myself struggling, mentally and physically. I was the heaviest I had been in my life, at 175 pounds at 5'3" and stuck. It wasn't until then, that I said "enough is enough!!" So, I did P90x, Crossfit, and all of the things to get this weight off!! But....... I learned that my training was never going to outweigh the way I was eating. I was introduced to tracking macros, hit that sweet spot, and there was no turning back! The weight came off, workouts felt strong, and most importantly I didn't have to say to my daughter "Mommy's too tired". Getting to a point where I knew the what's and why's of food brought me into a state of bliss. Being a real-world, busy, and on the go now mother of two kids, I knew I needed to stay healthy for them!

I have been an advocate for fitness and nutrition for most of my adult life. I've done Crossfit, I've been a competitive powerlifter, and now I love my Orange Theory, practice in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and look forward to competing and celebrating my training! Dialing in my nutrition has tremendously helped me through all of this! So much so that I pursued my nutrition coaching certification and have followed my passion toward sharing this journey with others. I'm thrilled to continue sharing my love for nutrition and help my clients to reach that same state of bliss, help change their mindset about how and what they are eating, create long term sustainable success, and a knowledge of food that will last for a lifetime!

Sarah Orner

Administrative Manager

I had struggled with food and body image for years. I tried so many diets and trends but I could never stick to them for longer than 2 weeks. I didn't succeed with those because giving up food groups and dealing with tedious meal plans just wasn't for me. A couple years ago, my wedding was in the not so distant future and I knew I needed to do something I could stick to that would get me to my goal while simultaneously getting me feeling great on my big day. Not only did I reach my goals through tracking macros, but I also gained a wealth of information about food and myself. I was hooked and I knew that I wanted more people to know that there was another way!

I share my home with my wonderful husband and my spoiled pup, Gracie. I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years and I'm a big animal person. I like hot yoga, lifting and running in local 5ks and 10ks throughout the year. I enjoy organizing and creating everything from infographics to spreadsheets!

Jason Falcon

Owner | Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition, Pn1 / NASM-FNS)

Going into my 5th year in the health and fitness industry, I’ve now worked with over 3,000 clients around the world. I’ve lost close to 90lbs myself through getting my nutrition in order and gone from having panic attacks thinking about exercise when I was 250lbs+ to now loving every aspect of fitness.
I have helped hundreds individuals transform themselves. From folks losing 200lbs+ and taking their lives back, to high level athletes needing just that extra fine tuning to qualify for competitions, and everything in between. Busy working mom or dad? Seemingly no time to take of YOU? I will show you a sustainable way!
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