Tom Schmeding

Nutrition Coach | NASM-CNC

My struggles with weight started when I was a child and I’ve spent the majority of my life overweight. While this was beneficial as an offensive lineman, it wasn’t beneficial to my health. As a college athlete, I was regularly encouraged to gain weight which left me graduating college at 345 pounds (I’m 6’6”). At the age of 24, I lost my father to Leukemia and turned to food as a way to deal with my grief. My eating habits were leading me down an unhealthy path.

Over the years I tried fad diet after fad diet, with some immediate success, but I was never able to maintain the fat loss. In fact, I would eventually weigh more than when I started! My wife and I still joke about the time we were paleo and dipped 2 pounds of bacon into a large bowl of guacamole thinking that was a “healthy” snack.

In 2015 I was blessed with the birth of my first son and becoming a father made me rethink my lifestyle. Since I had lost my father at a young age, I wanted to do everything in my control to ensure that I could always be there for my family. I began to use a flexible approach by tracking macronutrients and it made me more aware of what I was putting into my body. I was able to maintain a weight of 245 pounds and improve my mental and physical health, well being, and lifestyle. The best part is I am able to enjoy running and playing with my kids and I am able to participate in whatever they want to do. I reside in Rutherford, NJ with wife Danica, our two boys that are seven and four, and our dog, Bailey. Some of my hobbies include reading, traveling, working out (powerlifting, running and peloton), meeting new people and playing with my boys.

I wanted to be a nutrition coach to help others with something I struggled to overcome my whole life. To help the busy parent who wants to run and play with their kids or the person who has tried every diet and weight loss method and has nowhere else to turn. There is so much misinformation on nutrition out there and my goal is to simply and make it easy while focusing on strategies and habits.

I believe that my success depends on your success and together we are a team!

Tom Schmeding - Photo