Tahnee Thornton

Nutrition Coach | NASM-CNC

After getting out of the Navy in 2012 I struggled to stay in shape. I wasn’t very happy and had a horrible habit of eating my emotions, and I went from being extremely active and healthy eating habits to a couch potato that gobbled down everything in sight. I was the heaviest and most unhealthy I had ever been, 5’7’’ and 210 pounds, and had no idea what to do. Followed up with a very real and scary conversation with my doctor and I knew something needed to change. I started going to the gym with no real idea how to use any of the equipment, walking, crash dieting, and feeling generally miserable when I would fail at those diets. The weight just wasn’t coming off, or it would for a short while and I’d fall back into old habits and it came right back. I had great success with counting Macros before and knew that I could never out work my poor food choices, and lack of proper nutrition. So I decided to go with what I knew had worked in the past. Just like when I had tried before the weight started to come off and stay off, I had more energy, and overall I felt 100 times better. I tried out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which was a sport that I fell in love with instantly.

I gained so much confidence throughout the process not only because I had lost the weight, but also due to the changes in how I felt, what I was capable of doing, and that I stuck to it. I can hike without knee pain, I have the energy to train the way I want to at Jiu Jitsu, my clothes fit better and I feel good in them, and I am not exhausted by the middle of the day. Most importantly I am in photos with my friends and family now instead of the one behind the camera. I have the confidence to enjoy special events without worrying what the scale will say the next day. All of that is possible because I started focusing on my nutrition rather than trying to out run it. I loved my process and how it changed my life in so many ways for the better than I wanted to help other people accomplish the same type of success.

Tahnee - Photo