Sally Hindsley

Nutrition Coach | NASM-CNC, CPT

I should’ve followed my gut when I realized I loved science after my sophomore year of high school. But my curiosity for muscles, nutrition and health was drowned out by my love & talent for art and design. I headed off to Purdue University to earn a BA in Interior Design and graduated in 2009. I met my husband right out of college, and he introduced me to lifting weights. I quickly became devoted to burning fuel in the gym as a stress relief for my day job and to learn even more about how the body changes under pressure and tension. My fire was officially re-lit for fitness & nutrition.

My story may look a little different than some, or even most. I was always the “skinny girl.” From as far back as I can remember, I struggled with keeping weight on. I played sports my entire academic career – softball, soccer & volleyball – and it never dawned on me that I wasn’t fueling my body properly to accommodate so much movement, nor was nutrition really taught to us in school. Enter: social media… and I was sucked in by photos & videos of women with big muscles and excellent form… I wanted that! I wound up purchasing so many different meal plans online that I cringe thinking about it (my wallet cringes too).

I FINALLY landed on macros and found my way onto Coach Jason’s team in 2015 (thanks Facebook!). I practiced, learned, made mistakes, revised, built bigger goals, stayed consistent, gave grace, and ultimately fell in love with this macro lifestyle. I no longer feel trapped by meal plans or overly critical of the food that I consume. I have successfully bulked & cut multiple times to earn a physique that I love & maintain. Most importantly, I’m healthy & I feel amazing in my own skin.

While I still hit the gym 5-6 days a week, most of my time is spent with family – entertaining my two kids under 2 (Rhone & Reese), planning the next place to travel with my husband (Logan), and walking our dog (Fudge). I love Little Debbie, skiing, hiking, watching NFL football, experimenting in the kitchen, traveling and despite how dry this bio may seem, I have an excellent sense of humor.

I will forever be thankful that this door was opened to me & that the Falcon team is a part of my journey. I hope working alongside you will be a part of our journey, TOGETHER! Whether you are here to lose pounds, add pounds, or just feel better in your day-to-day, I believe a strong acumen of what fuels our body will lead to sustainable results (aka lifestyle), and I’m here to support you through it all.

Sally Hindsley photo