Melissa Cooley

Nutrition Coach | NASM-CNC

I’m a 40 year old mom of twins and triplets and a passionate Nutrition Coach! My biggest reason for becoming a nutrition coach was to help people successfully make changes in their life instead of just hoping for better.

My personal struggles with weight started in my teens. I ate my feelings and carried that into adulthood. I had no idea how food worked in my body or how to live healthy in my crazy life! I thought I was too busy, too far gone, and had too low of a metabolism for success. All not true! I just needed to do something about it!

So a few years ago I signed up to work with Coach Jason. I needed a program that could hold me accountable, offer me lasting results, and give me a solid success plan. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My life was changed! With the help of a coach, I learned to manage food intake, power through weak moments, and give myself grace for just living sometimes. I’m proud of my victories and done with wrong mindsets. Food doesn’t tell me how to feel anymore!

I now have a healthy relationship with my food, more energy for my family, and more drive and desire to exercise and try new things. I love and enjoy all the things that used to give me anxiety. I love to explore new places, go to the gym, go for long walks with my hubby, travel, and ride my bike. I finally feel healthy enough to live the life I’ve always wanted to participate in. I just feel BETTER!

The whole process inspired me to want to help others take the journey to take back their lives on their terms. It’s been a privilege to study and become a certified nutrition coach for Team Falcon. I’m excited to help people change their lives!

I can’t wait to equip you and support you through this awesome time in your life! I’m going to be there for you, support you, and teach you the skills for making good choices so you’ll have real success. So unpack all those big dreams and goals and let’s go!

Melissa Cooley - Photo