Lori Carroll

Nutrition Coach | Precision Nutrition Pn1, NASM-CNC

Hello! I’ve been in the health and wellness industry as a certified nutrition coach for almost 6 years and I only wish I had found this calling of mine many years ago!

My personal struggles with weight and body confidence didn’t start until later in life, during the perimenopausal years. I didn’t understand what was happening with my body because I worked out consistently 5 – 6 days a week and instead of losing weight, I was gaining. It was a complete mystery to me. I was unhappy, depressed and I felt utterly hopeless. On top of it, I was newly married! On one hand, I was the happiest I’d ever been, finally finding my soulmate and on the other hand, I was the most unhappy I’d ever been, hating my body and wanting to hide from the world.

I started working with a nutrition coach (although I admit, I was totally skeptical that it would work thinking my body and/or my metabolism was just too broken) who taught me how to eat to maximize my performance in the gym, but more importantly to me at that time, to lose all the unwanted weight which was becoming such a detriment to my mental health.
I lost over 50lbs and became the healthiest I had ever been just in time for my 50th birthday. My life was forever changed.
The experience was such an eye opener to me and I realized that this was what I was meant to do. I always knew that my calling in life was to serve, now after 50 yrs, I actually found what I was supposed to do with that calling! After receiving 2 different certifications, I began coaching!

Fun fact, my Mom was my very first client at 73 yrs old. During the course of our working together as coach <> client, she lost over 75 lbs and has kept it off for more than 3 yrs. Something I’ll always be proud of. In 2022. I retired from American Express after 33 yrs of service to coach full time and help as many people as I possibly can.

Since I began coaching, I have helped hundreds of people (mostly peri/postmenopausal women) reclaim their health and wellness, lose the weight they never thought they could and most importantly feel better about themselves. I speak to so many women who are right now in the same place as me and I can feel their pain. I know what it’s like to feel what they are feeling and all I want to do is to help and guide them because there is hope! There is always hope.

I live in Mooresville, NC (just north of Charlotte) with my husband and 3 fur-kids. We are avid CrossFitters (I’d never picked up a barbell until my 40’s and now I never want to put it down). We love to go camping whenever we can. My husband is from the NC mountains, so now we spend as much time as we can at the beach because he’s sick of the cold.. Lol

To be able to work with Jason and the rest of the Falcon Nutrition team is a dream come true. I am thrilled to be a part of the Falcon family and go from client to coach and help you build the healthiest version of yourself.
Let’s connect and get started!

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