Emma Falcon

Nutrition Coach | NASM-CNC

I got to a place WAY postpartum (My daughter was two at the time) that I found myself struggling, mentally and physically. I was the heaviest I had been in my life, at 175 pounds at 5’3″ and stuck, I lacked confidence and energy to do things with my daughter because I just didn’t feel like doing anything, really at all. It wasn’t until then, that I said “enough is enough!!”

Working out is the answer, right?! Let me take a whack at it. I did P90x, Crossfit, running, and heck, pretty much anything to try and get the weight off. Ultimately, through research, and friends having success with their diets, I learned that my training was never going to outweigh the way I was eating. I’d tried paleo, Adkins, and any fad I could get my hands on and missed out on fun with friends/family, because of the restriction.

I was introduced to tracking macros and sure enough I hit that sweet spot. There was no turning back! The shift in my mindset was surreal! I CAN enjoy life with balance, and not feel guilt for it. The weight came off, workouts felt strong, and most importantly I didn’t have to say to my daughter “Mommy’s too tired”. Getting to a point where I knew the what’s and why’s of food brought me into a state of bliss. Being a real-world, busy, and on the go, now mother of two kids (My girlie Jordyn, and my wild little man Gunnar) I knew I needed to stay healthy for them and was able to live my life the way I wanted to!

I have been an advocate for fitness and nutrition for most of my adult life now. I’ve done Crossfit and I’ve been a competitive powerlifter. Now though, my pride and joy is my practice in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! I am a Blue belt, and look forward to competing and celebrating my training for years to come!

Dialing in my nutrition has helped me tremendously through all of this! So much so that I pursued my nutrition coaching certification and have followed my passion toward welcoming my clients to find that same confidence. I am HUGE on honesty in tracking, guiding people through real life situations, and helping them find balance in their lives, all while seeing progress along the way. I’m thrilled to continue sharing my love for nutrition and help my clients to reach that same state of bliss, help change their mindset about how, and what they are eating, create long term sustainable success, and a knowledge of food that will last for a lifetime!

Emma Falcon - Photo